Quality Audits for Improved Supplier Performance

Facilitated By
Dennis R. Arter

Quality Audits for Improved Supplier Performance

A one-day seminar sponsored by the ASQ Customer-Supplier Division, Quality Audits for Improved Supplier Performance is a one-day seminar designed for management, professional and technical personnel who want to improve supplier relations. It is a basic course. No previous knowledge of auditing or quality systems is required (or even assumed). The instruction applies to any management system (ISO 9001, FDA, military, automotive, etc.). Buyers and purchasing agents will find the information quite beneficial. Those preparing for the Certified Quality Auditor exam will enjoy the review.

The seminar begins by exploring how product and service requirements are defined and accepted. This becomes the basis for subsequent audits. Then, the process of an effective supplier audit is presented step by step. Upon completion of the seminar, you will understand the difference between inspection, compliance audit, and performance audit. This seminar emphasizes supplier partnerships and the performance (value-added) audit.

Topics Covered:

Supplier Quality
Need for change

Purchasing Controls
Your requirements
Selecting a supplier
Awarding the business
Monitoring performance
Your Audit System
The audit boss
The audit team
Scheduling audits
Preparing to Audit
Purpose and scope
The requirements
Audit plan
Opening meeting
Gathering facts
Reporting Results
Analyzing data
Cause and effect
Overall analysis
Closing meeting
Formal report
Follow up
Corrective action
Response evaluation
Audit closeout

The seminar is basic in focus and is fun! You will receive a copy of Dennis Arter's book Quality Audits for Improved Performance (Quality Press), and a set of workshop materials.

Continental breakfast and luncheon included.

About Dennis R. Arter:

Dennis R. Arter is a consultant and author of Quality Audits for Improved Performance. He was part of the team that developed the Certified Quality Auditor program way back in 1988. He is an ASQ Fellow and member of the ASQ Board of Directors. He is active in the Quality Audit Division and the Customer-Supplier Division.

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