Supplier Certification: The Quality Link in Supply Chain Management

Facilitated By
Richard A. Gould

Dick Gould

Supplier Certification: The Quality Link in Supply Chain Mangement

is a one-day "hands-on" seminar designed for Quality and Materials management, professional and technical personnel who want to improve Quality and customer-supplier relationships in their companies. It is a basic course. No previous knowledge of Supplier Certification is required (or even assumed). The instruction applies to Customer-Supplier relationships in any industry, large or small. Purchasing, commodity team members, and supply chain management professionals will also find the information quite beneficial and are encouraged to attend. Interactive exercises are used to reinforce the material being discussed.

The seminar begins by defining the supply chain and "certification". It then explores how product and service requirements are defined and accepted as well as the impact of Quality Management System standards. Team members and their responsibilities in the supplier selection and certification process are discussed. Certification agreements and ongoing supplier performance measurements (supplier "report cards") are covered.

Topics Covered:

Introduction & Definitions
The Supply Chain
Supplier Certification
Limits on definitions
Supplier classifications

Importance of specifications
Specification reviews
Classification of characteristics
What about ISO & clones?
ISO 9000:2000 Clones?
If not ISO, then?

Choosing Suppliers
Supplier Selection strategy
Data-driven choices

The Players
Customer team
Supplier team
Certification agreements
  Supplier Performance Measurement
Metrics and report cards
Use and recognition

Who should attend?

    • Quality Assurance and Materials professionals
    • Supply Chain Management professionals
    • Procurement Quality professionals
    • Purchasing planners and buyers
    • Material and Inventory control planners

The seminar is intermediate in focus and is fun! You will receive a copy of Supplier Certification - A Continuous Improvement Strategy, by Maass, Brown, and Bossert (Quality Press), and a set of workshop materials.

Continental breakfast and luncheon included.

About Richard A. Gould:

Richard (Dick) A. Gould is an independent business advisor based in San Clemente, California. Dick provides consulting and training in Value Added Auditing™, Enterprise Risk Management, Quality Management Systems, Supply Chain Management, Business Process Improvement, Call Center Operations, and Benchmarking.

Dick is a Fellow of ASQ, an ASQ Certified Quality Manager, Certified Quality Engineer, Certified Quality Auditor, and is on the CQE exam review committee, the ASQ Quality Press Mixed Media Review Board and Education and Training Review Board, and a contributing author to The Certified Quality Manager Handbook, 1st Edition. Dick is a Past Chair of Orange Empire section 0701 and the Customer-Supplier Division of ASQ, and has degrees from Northeastern University and Vanguard University of Southern California. Dick is well known to CSD members, and has presented papers and seminars at local, national, and international venues.

"Value Added Auditing" is trademarked by Quality Plus Engineering, Portland, OR.

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